Goodreads: Cause, Effect, Explosion

goodreadsWhile surfing the interwebs for some book reviewing advice along with how to use Goodreads to my reviewing advantage, I came across quite a few articles about “Author Bullying.”  So, like a curious little creature, I investigated.  I can’t find the exact, original article I ran across, but here’s one almost identical.

Curious about the change, I went to check out the policy change for myself.  After reading about the author bullying, I was very supportive of this change.  But then I read the comments.  So that brings me to the following:

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Why I Write?


I found this question to be one that a lot of writers blog or ask one another. I found it annoying when I saw it or heard it, a pet peeve if you will. I mean, I get it, a writer always wants to talk about their origins and what inspired them to begin. But, as one of old English teachers used to say, So What?

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