I’m a young writer of the age of 22.  I’ve been writing off and on for about 12 years now, if you want to include the years that I believed an illustration went with every sentence.  I am going to college to earn my BA in Creative Writing, and meanwhile I’m trying to do some entertaining writing while I don’t have a career to take up all my time.  I generally set goals to try to write for a day or week, and unfortunately its rare that I ever meet them.  I have this villain named Mr. Procrastination that tends to hold me back and persist that I avoid writing at all costs.  Generally he tells me to clean the house and then do some homework.  If I ever happen to be able to finally sit in front of a computer, he again insists that I go online and find some form of not doing what I originally intended.  And here I am, typing some About Me instead of meeting that word limit that I previously insisted that I would make.


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