Block the Writer, Mr. Interwebs!!

I’ve been feeling this need to write on a constant basis.  I look at what other writers are doing, and I think “Wow, I feel like writing now.”  But then I click on another blog post and read some more about writing.  I’ve read books, blogs, twitter feeds, and still I think “I will definitely do that in the next piece I write.”

Then I read yet another blog post, find someone else to follow on twitter, re-tweet some advice on how writing is the process of doing, and then I look up writing prompts.

This insanity is known well by the writer community as Writer’s Block.  He’s a common villain in many how-to books, and the disease that he infects you with is one that has no cure.  Well, none other than just writing.  Writing anything, everything, something.  Take a walk, write about it.  Drink some coffee, write a conversation that’s going on next to you.  Write a complaint on a napkin about how the Starbucks worker got your name wrong.  The act of doing cures the disease.

In my experience, the act of doing is the hardest part.  There’s a suffocating fear or anxiety that keeps a writer from writing.  I’m one to commonly use the “no inspiration/time” excuse.  Really I just have an issue with getting a pen to a piece of paper.  I have plenty that I could write about, specifically customer complaints from work that make me chuckle.  I just can’t get around to it.

Starting today, I’m beginning my attempt to write for 15 minutes a day for as many days in a row as I can.  Hopefully this will destroy Writer’s Block.

Anyone else have this problem?  Will you join me in the 15 minute challenge?  Have any other cures to Writer’s Block that have worked for you that I didn’t state?  Let me know in the comments!


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